It's all about having FUN

Sessions are fast-paced, but are fun and relaxed.  I'm all about capturing true personalities! We will do some "grandma poses"  where everyone is sitting still and cheesing it up, but I love to capture real life moments, where we get to be ourselves... playing, loving, silly, serious, whatever the case may be.



Working with the little ones

Above all, I want this to be a fun time for the kids!  Please let me lead the way, and if I need help I will ask mom, dad, big brother or sister, etc.  Sometimes, we will work away from mom and dad and the rest of the group.  An "audience" can be a little intimidating to all of us, including the kiddos. A favorite toy, coloring books, or other activity isn't a bad idea to have along.  Please make sure we don't schedule your session too close to nap time, and that everyone gets pleanty of sleep the night before.  We will always make time for snack breaks and down time if needed.



Newborn sessions

The best time to photograph newborns is between 7-14 days old.  This is when babies are nice and sleepy, and when we get their cute little feets tucked under their chins :) It's best to get your due date on our calendar at least 8 weeks before your due.  This secures your spot, and the session will be officially scheduled when your little ones arrives.  Newborn sessions typically last around an hour but have been known to last up to three, so please schedule accordingly.  Also, please make plans for older brothers and sisters to go to grandma's or a sitter. If you'd like them to be involved in the session,have someone available pick them up when they are finished, so we can have quiet and personal time for baby.



Engagement sessions

I LOVE love!  Engagement sessions are one of the best things about planning your wedding! What makes you a special couple in love?  Try to show your personalities as much as you can.    Don't be afraid to be funky with bright colored clothing or fierce heels and jeans.  Again, it's all about being yourselves and having a great time :)



Location, location, location

Tell me what you have pictured in your mind for you photos.  Trees, leaves, water, urban downtown, etc.  I will plan a location based on what you have in mind.  Also, I'm always up for new locations, so if you're thinking of a special place, I'm in! 


What to expect

I will arrive at the location a little early to scope out the best lighting in the area, or in the studio to set up lights and backdrops.  Please avoid arriving too early for your session, as someone may be finishing up a session before you. Sessions arriving more than 20 minutes late will be charged a $25 late fee.  Please be ready for portraits when you arrive.  Excessive time to get "dolled up" will take up valuable picture taking time :)

 In group session, the large group shots will be taken first.  Those that are finished with pictures are then free to leave.  Again, an audience isn't a great idea, especially with little ones.  It's easy for them to be overwhelmed from too many people talking or even just sitting quietly in the room.  We want them to look at me, mainly because I have the camera :D, and if Grandpa or Grandma are in the room... I usually can't compete! LOL 

Most sessions allow one or two clothing changes.  I will supply props such as chairs, hats, headbands, etc. but please feel free to bring any special items along with you!  This makes your session more "your own" and unique!  A $99 retainer must be paid in full when booking your session. 

Editing your photos typically takes around three weeks.  Wait time can be longer during busy months.   When your photos are edited, I will contact you via email with a "proofing gallery".  From this gallery, you will choose the images that you would like for your digital collection.