What to Wear

The most common question I'm asked after scheduling an appointment is "What should we wear?"  and it is a great question!  What you wear for your pictures is just as important as finding the perfect photographer to capture your most important moments.  Here are a few tips that I've come up with to help make your search for something to wear just a little easier. 

1.  Bright/Neon Colors = No Go!

This is my number one tip, because it's the most common mix up I see.  While these bright colors are fun, they cause a nasty little problem known as 'color casts'.  This means that the color of your clothing reflects back on to your skin. Stick to muted colors to avoid this one :) 

This is a great example of color casting.  If you look closely, all of the boys have some color reflecting back on to their chins and cheeks, and there's even a little color on miss sassy pant's arm and face in the front ;)  While this is still one of my favorite pictures ever, the color casts take away from the final image and are pretty much impossible to fix.

2.  Coordinate your colors, but don't 'match'

Long gone are the days of the matching white shirts.  Instead, pick three colors, and plan what you'll wear around clothing and accessories that compliment them.  P.S.  Shoes are important!  Tennis shoes tend to stick out like a sore thumb.  I'll post a great little pinterest find of coordinating color combinations at the bottom of this page to help you out 

I'll use this beautiful photo of the Jones family as an example of coordinating colors, but not matching.  Notice how the pattern in little Reese's skirt pulls all of the colors they are wearing together?  And on that note.... :) 

3.  Limit your patterns

Having a pattern somewhere in your photo is a great way to tie everyone together, but having everyone in a pattern can be very distracting.  Also, nix the character tops, graphic tees, and tops with large logos.   I don't have an example for this one, but you get the idea :)

4.  Accessories and Layers!!

Adding a colorful scarf, necklace, denim vest, cute hat, or belt can add some fun to your photos. Don't be afraid to layer a white shirt under your little guys button up and bring on the chunky necklaces.  Don't be afraid to mix up some different textures!  

Aubrey and Mayzee's mommy always does a great job of using layers and textures in her clothing choices!  I'm loving the cute floppy hat and little denim jacket.

5.  Look for clothing collections

If you can find a store that carries clothing for all members of your family, chances are they will have the same colors coordinating throughout the store!  It makes pulling all of your outfits together much easier!  Old Navy and Gap are great places for this!

Heather did a great job of coordinating her kiddos, but not being too 'matchy'  She found all of these great outfits at The Children's Place, and did a great job tying herself in with layers using the red scarf and grey over shirt.  

6.  Look at the colors in your home!

Since these photos will be hanging in your home, it's a good idea to be sure that the clothing choices you make go with the color scheme in your house.  


Above all, make sure that you and your family are comfy!  If you're kiddos are scratching away at their itchy shirt, it can make for a not so fun photo session.  Find something that makes you feel great, and you'll look great too!


Pinterest goodness via the great Leah Hoskins