I absolutely LOVE, love!  

2023 weddings are in full swing, and I would love to be able to share your day with you! 





All of my wedding packages include a second professional photographer to cover your special day. We know how important your memories are, and take our jobs very seriously.  After all, there are no "re-do's" for weddings! 
We have the experience and equipment to make your wedding photos something you'll be proud of for generations to come. 


All couples are welcome at Cassie Price Photography, no matter what your race, religious, or sexual preference may be :) 
Contact me here to chat about what you're looking for in a wedding photographer, or give me a call at 308-850-1179.  I'm so happy to help! 

Bundle packages as well as hourly rates are available.  Packages start at $1700.  Most families invest between $2250-$3000.